Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Exclusive Sophie4Sophie meets byyanto and Stokke....

It was a funny old day yesterday. I'm so busy at work that I find it pretty hard to sit back and relax at any point of the day. My 9am to 3.30pm hours seem so short and I try to pack in as much as possible before I hear the familiar screams of the three amigo's disembarking from the school bus and bringing our small village back to life.

Post out here in cow land is slap dash to say the least. It has been known for our postman not even to arrive at the post office to collect the important Special Deliveries that we poor country folk have paid over the odds to get to our important (media) destinations on time.

That for sure is another post entirely - but please feel free to remind me at some point using the key words, This Morning, Nappies, before 9am delivery, no London stockists and in the shit.

Sure you get the gist.... Anyway, I'm trying not to moan and today I had absolutely nothing to moan about (apart from the fact that our BT broadband seems to be on slow time).

I was up to my eye balls in this and that today when a lovely surprise arrived with our smiling postman Terry (to be fair, he was actually smiling today, perhaps because I opened the door for him - but who knows). I was greeted by a beautifully packaged surprise.

I wasn't expecting anything and ripped the package apart with gleeful anticipation. A dress! How fantastic. Not for me, obviously. People don't make dresses and send them to you in beautifully packaged parcels when you're a grown up (they should), but this was for #OriginalXploryGirl (aka FunnyGirl).

She bounded in from school...
"What's that? Is it for me?" She asked as she was already stripped and half way into the said new dress. Which is - as I am sure you will agree, fantastic.

Designed and created by my Twitter friend Sophie4Sophie using the simple #Stokke Circles pink fabric to create a truly one off piece that had #OriginalXploryGirl and #ModelGirl engaged in quite a scuffle.

The dress is styled in the pic with a pair of unique customised jeans from @byyanto - I am sure you will agree that it is a classic one off outfit that takes some beating.
Sophie4Sophie designs are available from Juicy Tots and The Hedgepig. Exclusive customised jeans byyanto available to order. Kids sizes £40, adult sizes £70. Each pair is unique, limited edition, numbered and available to order in skinny or straight style. To order email the man himself on yanto@byyanto.com

All feedback gratefully received - as usual and #OriginalXploryGirl would like it to be known that her fee for this shoot went to pay for watering the potatoes on her potato hill (stay tuned!).

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