Monday, 1 June 2009

Beautiful Limited edition dresses from Sophie 4 Sophie

OK guys back to it today. Little ones are all back at school so I have no excuse not to bring you some cool stuff this week.

Lots of you will know me from Twitter and these dresses are something that I have come across there - so obviously it is a good way of promoting your small business (if you were wondering).

Each Sophie 4 Sophie dress is handmade here in the UK, using limited run fabrics - so the chances are you won't run into another one when you are out at a party - but even if you did it wouldn't matter, as they are reversible! All you have to do is pop somewhere quiet, turn it around and the potential fashion disaster is diverted.
They are a simple one size fits all design that starts out as a dress for babies from around nine months and as your bambino grows the dress becomes a top that looks fab with a pair of jeans or leggings.
Perfect for summer or winter - just pop a long sleeved T underneath. 

So if you are looking for a credit busting designer dress for your little princess then look no further.
Available from
Made from 100% cotton £24.99. One size from 9 mths to approx 3 years


  1. I love Soph4Soph dresses. She's a great designer and Im a huge fan.

  2. I also stock Sophie4Sophie dresses at and love them. Pretty and Practical and great value. What more could you ask?


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