Tuesday, 9 June 2009

If you are learning to ride buy an Islabike

Along with our love of manky toys goes our family love of cycling. When we are at our fittest and when time allows we have been known to roam over 50 miles a week around our beautiful countryside with the kids in tow.
DinoBoy is however not a natural cyclist. Being the eldest of our young three he had his two little sisters looking up to him, waiting eagerly to see how he got on once those dreaded training wheels came off.
On the said day we drove out to a local country park - a large open space - we were excited, eager, full of anticipation. 
ModelGal and FunnyGal were trailered up on the back of hubby's bike - box of sandwiches to keep them happy on our seven mile ride. DinoBoy can't contain himself any longer, "Come on mum, lets go" he shouts and he starts to ride all alone.
Feel the scene.... Reservoir, large green open space, a few trees far to the left, a wooden bollard far to the right. We are safe - there are no dangers DinoBoy is free of his wheels - he is feeling the wind in his ears...
"Muuuuummmmmm" he screams as he careers towards the trees (yes the ones about half a mile to the left), I peddle faster but not fast enough I reach out just as DB goes right over his handle bars and into the tree. I skid and fall, hubby and the girls are screaming DinoBoy and I are in a heap beneath the tree. 
"That didn't go too well did it mum?" asked ModelGal.

And no it didn't. Poor DinoBoy's bike was as mashed as his pride and after that we went out and bought him a set of decent wheels with good breaks. So finally getting to the product bit.. What we bought him was an IslaBike.
Designed by Isla Rowntree, who has more cycling championships to her name than I'm sure she cares to remember. Islabikes really are designed with kids in mind. They are light, easy to manouvre and have breaks that small hands can easily operate (this is what drew us to them!)
As Isla has a racing history, she really knows what she is doing and offers a full customisation service at time of purchase.
Hang on you may say... I just want my little one to ride to school in the morning.. Well that may be but on an Isla he will be doing it safely whilst boosting his cool.
So the moral of the story is. If you like your kids and you don't want them to die whilst careering headlong into a tree on a bike that they cannot control - then visit http://www.islabikes.co.uk
They have a great selection of bikes from the very basic (but super cool) Rohan balance bike(2+) £99.99 to the super sexy Luath 700 large (13+) £449.99, a top of the range touring/ triathlon bike, with something suitable for every age in between.
Another great service that they offer is a buy back scheme. As parents they appreciate that your bambino's can grow at a rate of knots. With this in mind they offer a buy back service as  a part exchange against a bigger model.
What more could you ask for? (except for less trees when you are learning of course!)

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