Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Super cute Bunny Lamp

My middle daughter Biba (the model) is bunny mad. It seems that everyone in this house collects something. With my eldest it was Star Wars - he is 18 now and only just growing out of it.

I hadn't seen him for about three weeks and it was only after I threatened to sell his Lego Star Destroyer to the highest bidder on Facebook that he made an appearance.

Next is Sonny (8), he is partial to an Owl - his interest was spurred on by the fact that his adopted grandpa has a real owl. Sonny then decided to start collecting. Car boot sales each week soon grew his collection - then I made the fatal mistake of seeing a stuffed Victorian owl in a shop on Carnaby Street a couple of weeks ago. Took a pic for him and three days later the thing had moved in!

The little one, Betty (5) or Boo as she is known has a thing for pandas - or Bammys as she calls them. Anyone entering her room could be mistaken for thinking they had entered a Chinese rehab project!

So to Biba - who loves bunnies. I have to admit that this was in fact my own fault. I bought her a Jellycat bunny for her first Christmas that has been her fav thing ever since. The said bunny is now 7 and known as Manky Bunny - cause he well, is! So when we came across these it was her who went mad and made me buy one for her with the promise that she would pay me back from her modeling money. (She works hard and is actually true to her promises - always! not a bad trait in a 7 year old)

To be fair this Limited Edition Rabbit lamp is actually pretty cool. It uses a 15 watt bulb and gives off a soft comforting glow - perfect for any child's room. It has glasses handpainted on and a limited edition number on the base.
£38.50 from

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