Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Not another Bag.... Shoes instead today!

I did promise that I would lay off the bags for a few days - so where could I go from there? Shoes of course.

Now I have been a huge fan of these soft baby shoes since little Sonny (now nearly nine) was born. In fact they were the catalyst for me working in the baby industry.

Over the years I have worked for three different companies that make baby shoes but Inch Blue have always been my favorite.

Their styles are fresh and funky and between my three little ones we have been through nearly 40 pairs! OK so it helps if you get free shoes but they are such good value that I wouldn't have minded paying for them if I had to.

I am going to go on a boy tip today - as it is just too easy to only write about girls stuff. I love these two styles - Jolly Roger and Hiss. They are rally cute and go with absolutely everything - Sonny being a typical boy would have loved the Hiss design when he was smaller.

To me they are an everyday essential 'Must Have' item - but if you are stuck for a gift idea for an baby then they are perfect. Available in sizes from birth to 4 years. £17
Check them out at www.babynotincluded.co.uk or visit www.inch-blue.com for full collection.

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