Saturday, 2 May 2009

Get yourself a one off designer statement bag at highstreet prices..

There is obviously a bit of a theme forming with the number of bags that i am featuring here. And actually I do recall someone saying to me once that if you own more than six of something then that constitutes a problem - so along with strollers, shoes, socks, tights and coats - I have to admit that I have a bit of a bag problem.
As with coats, shoes and strollers - the main issue I have is that you need one for every perceivable occasion. Which for me being a mum, businesswoman, girl about town and secretary at the kids gym club = a lot of bags. I don't let it get to me, but choose to embrace this small problem!
Now my last bag purchase was by my own admission a bit excessive (a Channel 2.55, black, quilted lambskin if you are interested) but I have wanted one for so long - and I did save up for it like a very good girl - and i did buy it at the airport saving myself a whole heap.
My newest bag love - comes from a new company called Rustic Clash. They have a whole range of bags for every occasion that are hand produced in the UK using reclaimed fabrics.
With my mummy head on - the shoulder or weekend bags will both double as a changing bag - but the whole collection is fab. They have some beautiful designs and each one is a one off. Or for the creative amongst us they have a Create Your Own feature - where you pick your basic style and then your own fabrics from their collection.
They make a truly original gift - or a delightful treat. My fav is the Beatrice Clutch (pic above), though I know that my girls would nab it as soon as it made it through the door, maybe there is a pattern forming! Prices from just £12

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  1. Hands up. I have a bag obsession. Definately check out the website. Fab Bags!


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