Friday, 22 May 2009

Build it quick cot from Lindam

Ok after a couple of days of exciting competitions lets get back to some furniture!

I have already told you all that I have a beautiful Stokke Sleepi - but had i not bought it - this would have been my only other choice when it came to decking out my nursery.

I have used the Lindam Solo a few times when I have been product placing on TV, in dramas and in reality shows and it has always been very well received.

The big selling point for me is its unique ability to slot together like, well like a lego cot! Show mw a man who wouldn't want to roll his sleeves up and get down and dirty building this little baby and I will buy him a posh new screw driver!

The Lindam site states that it can be assembled (or taken down) by one person in less than five minutes. Personally I think that they should take a look at their wording but it would make for interesting viewing at an instore or babyshow challenge!

It doesn't come with a mattress so you do need to account for that when budgeting

RRP is £199 but there are loads of deals to be had on the web. for more info

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  1. We have this cot in the beech colour and we couldn't recommend it enough! Although the only negative would be it could do with teething protection as our wee monkey as managed to dig a few teeth marks into it! However, other than that as a family that has had to move house since our 20 month old arrived, it has been a lifesaver as you just pop it apart, put it in the van and then on arrival pop it back up again with no need to find any tools... excellent! Oh and our one did come complete with a mattress when we ordered it from :-) M xx


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