Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The award winning Stokke Sleepi

No kids furniture piece would be complete without a mention of the Stokke Sleepi.

This simply stunning cot begins as a round crib that can easily be taken from room to room and grows with your child into a standard cot, junior bed, sofa and then two chairs.

When I bought my Sleepi I was on to baby number four - so quite frankly I have no justification for spending so much money on a cot - other than I had been wanting one since number two came along!

When I bought it I must admit that I had no intention of extending it past cot size but when the time came it just seemed like the natural thing to do. Little Betty didn't want to move out, so we bought the Junior Bed kit and there she stayed for another couple of years.

Betty is now five and she has recently moved out of her beloved Sleepi and into a big bed. It hasn't been an easy transition even though she chose her own big bed. Each night I put her down to sleep and in the morning she is always back in her Sleepi - that is supposed to be being used as her sofa. So you see kids love it too.

My Sleepi is in the natural wood but Stokke now do a grey wood version that is simply stunning. So if I were to be in the position to buy one now then that would be my choice.

They also make a fantastic range of bedding for the Sleepi - that can be used in any nursery.

So if you want elegance, clean simple lines and a baby bed that truly does last for years then you really can't go wrong with the Sleepi.

One of the sweetest things about it is that I know that we will keep hold of it - unlike any other piece of baby kit that we have (Tripp Trapp's aside of course!). Betty's Sleepi will be waiting for her when she has a baby of her own.
www.stokke.com for stockists and prices around the world.

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