Sunday, 31 May 2009

Betty wins her first dance festival in style!

It has been far too hot and sunny to be product blogging this weekend and lets face it - too hot and sunny to sitting inside on a computer to bother reading anyones blog anyway!

But now that the bambinos are in bed I thought that i would share our big weekend news.

No4 DD, my panda loving baby Betty - took part in her very first dance festival today - in the baby lyrical section. 

Her dance to Eva Cassidy's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow won her first place and a lovely shiny medal.

It is a proud household tonight!

You can see her performance here - it is only a minute long, so do have a look! Unfortunately You Tube have taken the audio off for copyright reasons but I am sure you know the tune!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Simply the best ever kids chair from

Wow, it really doesn't get any better than this... 

Had I seen this when I was looking for inspiration for number 4's nursery I would have designed the whole thing around it. 

It comes in gold or silver and is made from shiny PU. I love, love, love it!

Dimensions are 88 x 44 x 47cm. £230 from the fantastic

Oh my god... I have just been back on to their site and I have realised that it comes in a two seater too.... £270!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Prince Lionheart BebePOD for Free

Morning peeps! I am having a bit of a celebration as today marks my first full month of results from google analytics. 
Ok so I am the only one who cares about that but hey - it is my blog after all!

The lovely people at Prince Lionheart have given me a bebePOD to give away.

Suitable for babies from around four months - they bridge the gap between having the strength to sit un-aided and the need for a highchair.

I used one all the time with number four dd and it was one of the essential baby items that I recommended to all who would listen!

There are a few seats like this on the market now but this one is really reasonably priced at £29.99. Available in a range of colours, it is the kind of thing that can be passed on to a pal when your baby grows out of it.

If you would like to win one, please email

One entry per person, unless you are a registered follower of the blog, or of MummyTips on Twitter. Don't forget to leave your Twitter name!

Good Luck!
Winner will be drawn at 09.00 (GMT) on 01/06/09

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Sky is the limit with a cardboard Rocket!

Now we all know that it isn't an old wives tale that all our kids need to keep them entertained is a large cardboard box. This was driven home to me on Sunday when I took all of the very large stroller boxes out of my garage to make room for some more samples.

My three little ones were in box heaven. Robots, princesses and Cybermen in dens, were just the beginning - so when I came across this fantastic site I had to share it with you all.

Now we haven't tried these rockets personally (granted the kids might like the packaging more than the actual product) but I still think that they are cool.

The rockets come in a range of colours starting at £20.40 for the natural one.

Decorating it would be a good half term project I think. Had I come across them sooner - that's what I would have been up to this week! The rocket is 90 x 90 x 162 cm.

Lots of other options on their site including a castle, fortress, playhouse and puppet theatre.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Angelina's Big Audition

I have to share with you the fantastic show that we took the littlies to see yesterday.

My youngest, Panda mad Betty loves to dance. She puts her ballet shoes on when she wakes in the morning. She dances all day and puts on at least 4 full length shows each weekend!

As an ex dancer myself I do like to encourage her - hence why I spend my whole Saturday at the dancing school. It was there that i saw a flyer for the English National Ballet's performance of Angelina Ballerina.

I have been wanting to take her and no1 daughter to the ballet for ages, but without trailing them to the smoke - the only touring productions are epics like Swan Lake.

The show itself follows Angelina's preparations as she gets ready to audition for a big dance school, the Camembert Academy. She meets lots of new friends and we are introduced to lots of new dance styles from traditional ballet to hip hop and tap.

The choreography is simple yet inspiring and the performance was flawless.

A short show, 1 hour 15 mins with an interval but just perfect for the 3 to 8 year olds that it is targeted to.

The girls sat on the edge of their seat and were enthralled by the little mice on stage. Even no 2 son (8) who complained all the way there even had to admit to us all that he had "quite enjoyed" himself!

The tour has only just begun and runs until mid August, so there is lots of time to get there.

Shows in Grimsby, Newcastle, Leicester, Wimbledon, Crawley, Tunbridge Wells, Buxton, Swindon, Torquay, Barnstaple, Scarborough, Darlington, Carlisle, Birmingham, Windsor, Woking, Winchester, Cambridge and Glasgow.

Ticket prices range from £9.50 to £20 and vary depending on venue.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Build it quick cot from Lindam

Ok after a couple of days of exciting competitions lets get back to some furniture!

I have already told you all that I have a beautiful Stokke Sleepi - but had i not bought it - this would have been my only other choice when it came to decking out my nursery.

I have used the Lindam Solo a few times when I have been product placing on TV, in dramas and in reality shows and it has always been very well received.

The big selling point for me is its unique ability to slot together like, well like a lego cot! Show mw a man who wouldn't want to roll his sleeves up and get down and dirty building this little baby and I will buy him a posh new screw driver!

The Lindam site states that it can be assembled (or taken down) by one person in less than five minutes. Personally I think that they should take a look at their wording but it would make for interesting viewing at an instore or babyshow challenge!

It doesn't come with a mattress so you do need to account for that when budgeting

RRP is £199 but there are loads of deals to be had on the web. for more info

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Baby Model Competition

Do you think that your baby has what it takes to make it as a child model?

Leading nursery manufacturer Prince Lionheart (UK) is searching for a baby to appear in a photographic campaign later this year.
The winning baby will also receive a one year contract with leading children’s model agency Bizzykidz and a selection of Prince Lionheart goodies.

They are looking for bright, beautiful and lively children who are outgoing and love being in front of a camera. So if you think your baby has what it takes, is aged between 6 and 12 months on the closing date of 30/09/09 and you live in the UK,
This competition is now closed.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

60's style for your Little Ones

This week's big love is the Play Ball, a fantastic replica of the classic 1963 Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio.

Made from a molded fiberglass shell with a fully cushioned interior it is the perfect place to snuggle down in.

I found this on an Australian site and I would love to find stockists around the world - especially in the UK. So if you know of any please do drop me a line.

The Play Ball is available in blue or red and I can just picture a row of three in my garden room!

$699 Australian dollars from

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The award winning Stokke Sleepi

No kids furniture piece would be complete without a mention of the Stokke Sleepi.

This simply stunning cot begins as a round crib that can easily be taken from room to room and grows with your child into a standard cot, junior bed, sofa and then two chairs.

When I bought my Sleepi I was on to baby number four - so quite frankly I have no justification for spending so much money on a cot - other than I had been wanting one since number two came along!

When I bought it I must admit that I had no intention of extending it past cot size but when the time came it just seemed like the natural thing to do. Little Betty didn't want to move out, so we bought the Junior Bed kit and there she stayed for another couple of years.

Betty is now five and she has recently moved out of her beloved Sleepi and into a big bed. It hasn't been an easy transition even though she chose her own big bed. Each night I put her down to sleep and in the morning she is always back in her Sleepi - that is supposed to be being used as her sofa. So you see kids love it too.

My Sleepi is in the natural wood but Stokke now do a grey wood version that is simply stunning. So if I were to be in the position to buy one now then that would be my choice.

They also make a fantastic range of bedding for the Sleepi - that can be used in any nursery.

So if you want elegance, clean simple lines and a baby bed that truly does last for years then you really can't go wrong with the Sleepi.

One of the sweetest things about it is that I know that we will keep hold of it - unlike any other piece of baby kit that we have (Tripp Trapp's aside of course!). Betty's Sleepi will be waiting for her when she has a baby of her own. for stockists and prices around the world.

Monday, 18 May 2009

coco lounger from bloom

Welcome all and happy Monday!
I'm going on a furniture theme this week and to start us off I thought that i would share with you one of the most stylish bits of baby gear that I have ever seen.

The coco lounger from bloom is simply stunning. It comes in a whole spectrum of colours that fit seamlessly into any modern home and in two base styles.

It comes in two base options, Stylewood, the cheaper of the two that comes in about £100 cheaper than the more sophisticated Plexistyle (pictured).

Both base styles have a range of colour options for the seat pad - my fav being these funky little silver numbers!

The Plexistyle chair is very pricey at around £200, there are plenty of deals to be found around on the net with lots of free delivery thrown in, so I suggest that you have a bit of a shop around to find the best price.

It is obviously a bit of luxury as it only lasts up to around six months. If this your first baby and you are planning a brood then it isn't such a bad investment!
Expect to pay around £140 for the Stylewood.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Not just for Babies - Pasta from Annabel Karmel

Those of you who know me will know that I do have an association with Annabel Karmel.
My number one daughter Biba (the bunny collector) is on the cover of her Spring Bookazine and she is also on the packaging of her Chicken Noodle World Foods dish (available in Sainsbury's and Waitrose).

However all that aside I would like to share with you her new Make it Easy baby pasta range. You all know that my kids aren't babies anymore but they love her organic alphabet shapes.
Mine are a particularly fussy bunch and would never eat a vegetable if they had any idea that they were eating it!

I make up a big batch of hidden veg sauce and add the alphabet pasta. It is such good quality that it doesn't go sloppy and they love it with meatballs, sausages - or even on toast. I freeze my sauce in batches and it makes a super quick but nutritious meal that is ready in less than 10 mins. Perfect if you are in a rush - as we always seem to be. This week I even managed to get some broccoli past them.

Biba - "This sauce is delicious mum"
Me - "You are eating broccoli!"
Biba - "Yum!"
Me - "Result!"

Available from Tesco and Waitrose as organic Alphabet or organic shells £1.19. Or if you have any allergies try the organic gluten free stars £1.79

Lots of great recipe ideas on Annabels site at

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Easy Swaddling from

I know that I have been going on and on about stuff that i love recently. But I do love these modern swaddling pods from the US store
Made from the most beautiful cotton prints with a soft and snuggly minky lining. They are shaped and close with velcro for easy use.
The site has loads of co-ordinating bedding and is a must visit for a super sytlish nursery.
Available in blue, pink and green and in two different designs.
$45 from
They do ship worldwide.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wheelie Good Fun

I know that this product isn't at the cutting edge of newness (if that even is a word) but after ending up right in the middle of a Wheelie Bug situation today I thought that it was well worth a post!

In our house we have three. They have been a part of our lives for many years and my little ones have spent many an hour chasing each other around our house only to end up with a very large crash situation. Our old nanny was also partial to the odd Wheelie Bug race and it is very entertaining to see a full size grown up racing around on one.

They do make a great toy / gift for any child and have a great use life. They do come in two sizes but I would suggest getting the larger one (especially if you would like a go yourself).
There are lots of different styles out there now but my money is on the Ladybirds.
£44 from

Sleepytot, the best way to settle your baby down to sleep

It isn't very often that a really practical but equally cute products comes along. In fact the idea behind my today's top treat is so simple that it is hard to believe that someone didn't come up with the idea before!

Sleepytot is a soft and cuddly baby comforter that has velcro pads on it's hands and feet that you can attach a dummy, or teething ring to.

Yes, so what you might say...... Think about it. How many times have you checked on your baby only to realise that their dummy has fallen out of their cot and into a dust ball behind the wardrobe? If you are anything like me the answer to that is many, many times! No matter how well I clean it is just a true fact of life that your nice clean dummy will find a nice grubby pile of muck to land in!

Apart from keeping stuff from straying, Sleepytot is a cute and cuddly friend for your little one to snuggle up to at night - and replaceable should he be lost.

Not just for babies either. My middle daughter is bunny mad - as you know from previous posts and she just loves her Sleepytot!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I Love, Love, Love Princess Ratbag skirts

Sorry if you've missed me. I've been away for a few days working - but back now!

I absolutely fell in love with these skirts when i came across them on the net and I just had to write about them.

Made using seven meters of fabric with an elastic waistband. They come in a range of designs / colours and they are just beautiful. I would personally team with a pair of big chunky boots - DM's or biker style. But they will look just as good with a pair of sparkly flats.

They come in sizes from baby right up to 15 years (so would be OK for small women too!).

Princess Ratbag are an Australian company but they ship internationally for $20. The skirts start at $80 which is about £40.
The only problem is deciding which one to buy!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Anyone for Tennis? Stunning blazer from Hackett

Blazers are big news right now and there is absolutely no reason why your little fella can't get in on the vibe.

I am loving this ivory number from Hackett. Made from thick tailored cotton with a dapper blue piping.

It's a little reminiscent of the beautiful Comme de Garcon number that I lusted after last season and would look perfect with a pair of skinny jeans for girls or boys.

Has a bit of a Peter davidson Dr Who feel about it too!
In sizes from 2 to 10 years £95.95 from
Love it, Love it, Love it

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Super cute Bunny Lamp

My middle daughter Biba (the model) is bunny mad. It seems that everyone in this house collects something. With my eldest it was Star Wars - he is 18 now and only just growing out of it.

I hadn't seen him for about three weeks and it was only after I threatened to sell his Lego Star Destroyer to the highest bidder on Facebook that he made an appearance.

Next is Sonny (8), he is partial to an Owl - his interest was spurred on by the fact that his adopted grandpa has a real owl. Sonny then decided to start collecting. Car boot sales each week soon grew his collection - then I made the fatal mistake of seeing a stuffed Victorian owl in a shop on Carnaby Street a couple of weeks ago. Took a pic for him and three days later the thing had moved in!

The little one, Betty (5) or Boo as she is known has a thing for pandas - or Bammys as she calls them. Anyone entering her room could be mistaken for thinking they had entered a Chinese rehab project!

So to Biba - who loves bunnies. I have to admit that this was in fact my own fault. I bought her a Jellycat bunny for her first Christmas that has been her fav thing ever since. The said bunny is now 7 and known as Manky Bunny - cause he well, is! So when we came across these it was her who went mad and made me buy one for her with the promise that she would pay me back from her modeling money. (She works hard and is actually true to her promises - always! not a bad trait in a 7 year old)

To be fair this Limited Edition Rabbit lamp is actually pretty cool. It uses a 15 watt bulb and gives off a soft comforting glow - perfect for any child's room. It has glasses handpainted on and a limited edition number on the base.
£38.50 from

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Not another Bag.... Shoes instead today!

I did promise that I would lay off the bags for a few days - so where could I go from there? Shoes of course.

Now I have been a huge fan of these soft baby shoes since little Sonny (now nearly nine) was born. In fact they were the catalyst for me working in the baby industry.

Over the years I have worked for three different companies that make baby shoes but Inch Blue have always been my favorite.

Their styles are fresh and funky and between my three little ones we have been through nearly 40 pairs! OK so it helps if you get free shoes but they are such good value that I wouldn't have minded paying for them if I had to.

I am going to go on a boy tip today - as it is just too easy to only write about girls stuff. I love these two styles - Jolly Roger and Hiss. They are rally cute and go with absolutely everything - Sonny being a typical boy would have loved the Hiss design when he was smaller.

To me they are an everyday essential 'Must Have' item - but if you are stuck for a gift idea for an baby then they are perfect. Available in sizes from birth to 4 years. £17
Check them out at or visit for full collection.

Another Bag? Barbara Hulanicki for Top Shop

I do apologise for the fact that I can't seem to get off bags at the moment and as I bought this yesterday I thought that I should share it.
So this isn't necessarily a mummy product but it is a shopping bag and everyone has to shop - be you a mummy or not.

I do try to be a good girl when it comes to not using plastic bags and whilst it seems that lots of people are managing at the supermarket it all goes to pot when you hit the highstreet.

I have so many of these reusable bags that I could have my own web store selling them but that doesn't stop me from adding to my collection! This new beauty is from the iconic Barbara Hulanicki's new range for Top Shop. I have been so inspired by her over the years that i even named my middle daughter after her iconic sixties store, BIBA.
I know that I am going to have yet another fight on my hands over who actually gets to keep this - me or one of the girls. I do promise that we don't fight all the time - just when it comes to bags!

I can only imagine what it is going to be like when they are after my clothes too!
£25 from

Monday, 4 May 2009

Hannah Montana wears patent DM's!

Fresh from the Hannah Montana movie and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! Hannah sports a pair of bright yellow patent DM boots in one scene - so on the Hannah tip I thought that I would share them with you all.
My kids all love DM's. OK so it may have something to do with the fact that i love DM's (You simply can't beat the high heeled patent Darcy boots from last season) but they really are great shoes.
You can get your mitts on a pair of the very same boots as Hannah from
Sizes from small 6 to 13. They are really versatile and look great with leggings, skirts or jeans. My middle daughter had a black pair for school and she loves them.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The perfect summer dress from No added Sugar

How happy am I that No Added Sugar have finally extended their range to take in sizes up to 12 years?
I worked with them when they began producing their slogan T's back in 2000 and though we haven't worked together for a number of years I have continued my love affair with their clothes.
I've had so many of their dresses for my girls over the years and they have been worn and washed so many times - yet they still look as good as new.
My first buy from their new collection will be the Scrabble dress. Made from their high quality premium cotton jersey (that doesn't shrink), in a beautiful green spot (that co-ordinates with the stuff that my girls are still loving from last summer). It has a lovely criss cross back in contrasting red and it will be loved by my girls!
Now available in sizes from 3 to 12 years (yippee). Scrabble dress £45.
Oh and they have the best delivery service too. If you order before 3.30pm you get your goodies the next day - and you really do!

Get yourself a one off designer statement bag at highstreet prices..

There is obviously a bit of a theme forming with the number of bags that i am featuring here. And actually I do recall someone saying to me once that if you own more than six of something then that constitutes a problem - so along with strollers, shoes, socks, tights and coats - I have to admit that I have a bit of a bag problem.
As with coats, shoes and strollers - the main issue I have is that you need one for every perceivable occasion. Which for me being a mum, businesswoman, girl about town and secretary at the kids gym club = a lot of bags. I don't let it get to me, but choose to embrace this small problem!
Now my last bag purchase was by my own admission a bit excessive (a Channel 2.55, black, quilted lambskin if you are interested) but I have wanted one for so long - and I did save up for it like a very good girl - and i did buy it at the airport saving myself a whole heap.
My newest bag love - comes from a new company called Rustic Clash. They have a whole range of bags for every occasion that are hand produced in the UK using reclaimed fabrics.
With my mummy head on - the shoulder or weekend bags will both double as a changing bag - but the whole collection is fab. They have some beautiful designs and each one is a one off. Or for the creative amongst us they have a Create Your Own feature - where you pick your basic style and then your own fabrics from their collection.
They make a truly original gift - or a delightful treat. My fav is the Beatrice Clutch (pic above), though I know that my girls would nab it as soon as it made it through the door, maybe there is a pattern forming! Prices from just £12

Friday, 1 May 2009

Baby & All Bag Carrier and changing bag in one!

Now if there ever was a good idea then this has to be it. All of you out there with a toddler will be only too aware of their fierce determination to walk everywhere - until they actually have to do it that is.
How many times have you been caught short without your pushchair and end up lugging your heavy little one till your arms are ready to burst?
The Baby & All bag is the complete answer! It is a handbag / changing bag that with a couple of adjustments becomes a carrier too. You don't have to empty your bag to get it into carrier mode which makes it perfect for those times when their little legs just won't walk any further.
It comes in a few different styles but I especially love their new designer option that is just about to hit the shops. It is going to sell for around £90 but it looks like the kind of handbag that I am more than happy to be seen out and about with.
for more info


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