Monday, 27 April 2009

Fab Easy Fit Nappies from TotsBots

As it is the start of Real Nappy week - i am going to bring you a full week of nappy and changing related stuff.
So lets kick off with these fab Easy Fit all in one nappies from TotsBots.
They are their newest nappy and I must say that they are pretty fab. The all in one design means that even the most un-reluctant of real nappy users don't have an argument as they are as easy to use as a disposable.
They are also a one size fits all - which means that you don't have to buy bigger nappies as your baby grows - saving you even more money.
They come in all of TotsBots signature bright designs and in a choice of their Bamboozle or Fluffle fabrics. I think that they are the best nappy that I have seen in a long long time.
£14.99 for a single nappy.

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