Friday, 27 March 2009

Cutie Cuski

I guess that this should really have been one of my first posts - as cuski has been a part of our family for nearly nine years.
I came across it at a trade show. My baby had a real thing for towelling Ikea bibs and I was desperate to get him off them. Then i spotted Cuski. the answer that i had been looking for - a towelling comforter. I bought one and took it home. It was an instant hit - and over the years the collection has grown. my baby is now nearly nine - and he still wouldn't part with Cussi (as he calls him) for the world.
Cuski is now available in a range of colours and in a bamboo option. 
If you are stuck for a gift idea for a new baby - you cannot go wrong with this.

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  1. Feeding time can be challenging at time to say the least! I had this problem until I stumbled upon Bibetta Bibs. It's great when you find something that works for you and makes your life easier!


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